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  • Donald (duct cleaning)

    I am considering adding air duct cleaning as a service to my current services. Could you recommend an affordable machine that is reputable? Is the Nikkro 55 gal. machine efficient? How do you find education on performing air duct cleaning services?



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    air duct Training videos

    Listed below are some the training videos for air duct cleaning:
    M1138 Residential Filter Sales Video 1 Ea. 1 $32.00 p
    M1368 Residential Duct Cleaning Video (Without Custom Tag) 1 Ea. 1 $32.00 p
    M1368SP Residential Duct Cleaning Video (With Custom Tag) 1 Ea. 1 $43.00 p
    M1369SP Residential Duct Cleaning DVD (With Custom Tag) 1 Ea. 1 $43.00 p
    M1735 Residential Duct Cleaning (looped for 1 hr.) Custom Tag NOT available 1 Ea. 1 $43.00 p
    M1143 Dryer Duct Cleaning Training Video 1 Ea. 1 $21.00 p
    The Nikro 55 is nice but quite large. If you want a smaller Hepa vacuum, also look at the Octavac unit with washable Hepa filters.


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      air duct cleaning machine

      hello Donald, we have an air duct cleaning machine for sale. it is a roto brush only used 3 times as we are older people and it was to heavy for us to use. will sell at a good price, also comes with camera & tv to see the inside of the ducts dirty and then clean. really nice.


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        G.I.S. is an insulation and fabrication supply warehouse that can secure and keep our customer base. G.I.S. strives to set and maintain the most competent level of customer service. Check out the link for the services.
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