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Using a moisture probe on carpet to detect Urine.

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  • Using a moisture probe on carpet to detect Urine.

    I'm interested in the HydroShark's capability to detect urine in carpet. Would I be able to use it to positively identify urine in carpet rather than other moisture sources?
    If additional steps or tools are needed, what would be necessary to identify that there is a pet urine stain?
    Thanks in advance!

    Answer: The probe only senses moisture but because urine never dries it always works. Naturally it it is not possible to poke every square inch of carpet so normally customers will use a UV light to locate where to poke.
    The light can detect both optical brighteners and urine. The difference is optical brighteners to not hold moisture so if it both lights up and beeps with moisture it would be urine.

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    This is very similar to why you would put a water damaged phone into rice; which is to say, the rice would absorb the moisture out of the phone for you.

    Urine is water 'based' however is yellow in color. The difference between the yellowness of urine, and the clearness of water, is the "urine salt."

    Water can evaporate, while salt cannot.

    Salt absorbs moisture, so this means that if (because it's most common) a cat were to pee on a carpet, the urine salt / water mixture contacted the carpet,
    after the water evaporated out, and left the salt behind, the salt will continue to constantly re-absorb moisture.

    This is to help explain why it is 'always wet'.