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Ozone Saftey Issues and general stuff

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  • Ozone Saftey Issues and general stuff

    Can you tell me if there is any training need for the ozone generators. I believe there are some safety issues.

    Ozone is heavier than air so sometimes it is good to use some type of fan or other circulation to keep the air moving.
    Ozone speeds up the aging process of paper and natural rubber. So it is not a good idea to ozone a historic library.
    Ozone is not good to breath when the ozone generator produces more than 500 mg per hour. I personally don't like to even be around this much. Remove personnel, pets, and plants.
    Post an do not enter sign on the doors of the property you are servicing.
    Ozone attaches with moisture molecules so it is best to dry to dehumidify the area a little bit.
    Using ozone does cause small amounts of water vapor out of the surface being ozone.
    Ozone is real slow, so many jobs will require at least 2 days of service and the more ozone you can through at the job the better. In this case more is better.
    Ozone is perminate, so when the odor is gone it is gone and is not coming back unless you re-introduce a new problem.
    I like to place ozone generators on a 7 day timer and set the unit on continuous with the shut off time an hour before I plan to enter the property again.
    Ozone works on all types of odors but some faster than others. For example carbon based smoke is fast while urine could easly take a month.
    Ozone units process air through the unit, so it is a good idea to clean the inside of the unit per the manufactures recommendations.
    More ozone is produced from ozone generators when they are not in the same room as the room where the ozone is needed. (duct or pipe in the ozone)
    For a basic whole house job that has central AC unit with ducts in the ceiling, I would place the unit as close to the largest air intake as possible. I would place the AC on 80 degree F and set the blower motor on 'ON' so it would blow all the time. Set my timer for 2 days and go.