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Boat carpet mold removal

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  • Boat carpet mold removal

    I have to clean pontoon boat carpeting that has severe mold problems. The mold is so heavy that a carpet extractor and chemicals alone won't even come close to removing it. The only way I have found to get the carpet clean is to use a gas powered pressure washer to loosen up the mold, and then use an extractor to remove the moldy water. I use very high pressure (2700 psi) and move in a sweeping motion with the spray. Even after pressure washing/extracting, I sometimes have to hit problem areas a second and even a third time. I'm wondering if there are any chemicals available that would help me. Also any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I believe you are cleaning the best way possible. The only think extra to add is to move up to a heated pressure washer instead of using cold water. To give you an example a heated pressure washer at 1200 psi will out clean a cold unit at 2400 psi. For me, I would use a good quality pressure washing chemical


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      Chemical For Mold

      Sporiciden is the chemical for mold. It kills AIDS in one minute, its extremely safe to use and it continues to kill for up to 6 months. You must go through a distrubutor though. If you want some info on it go to i believe. I can ship you some if needed.

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        Thanks Dennis, Steambrite Supply is a dealer for the product


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          Glad to help

          No problem Donald anytime.