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Looking @ the Turbo-brite silver

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  • Looking @ the Turbo-brite silver


    We are going to try a pilot program for Duct cleaning. We operate portables, almost entirely Ninjas. I'm looking at purchasing the Turbo-brite Silver for $589.

    I've got a few questions:

    1)Will we be able to get decent results assuming proper operating procedures. I don't like charging people just because my employees are "going through the motions" of duct cleaning. I want them to be cleaning ducts

    2) Can I use a see through inline filter bag (I want to show customers some of what we are getting out of their ducts) or must/should I use the dust down.

    3) What advantage is a fogger over a pump sprayer.

    4) I'd love to hear some recommended pricing feedback. I've heard/seen pricing that is based on one price per small vent and one price for large vents.

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    TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Attachment

    1. and 2. The TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Attachment does supply decent results and work best if you supply it with at least 6 stages of vacuum since this is a vacuum driven system. So your Ninja portable extraction machines need to be dual 3 stage vacuum. If not, please consider using a vacuum booster. The Octavac Hepa vacuum/booster is strong enough to operate the TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Attachment on it own or can be used as a vacuum booster for super sucking. The Octavac also does not need a dust-downer or other vacuum mister attachment. While using the Octavac, you will accumulate the dirt inside of a primary filtration bag. The only way to show your customers the dirt in the bag is going to be for you to tare the bag open. This means you will have to purchase more prefilter bags. If you are using the Ninja vacuum by itself, you will need to use a dust-downer mister and will not have any way to show the customer the dirt.
    We primary sell the TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Attachment to cleaners who are cleaning round ducts between 4" and 10" in diameter. We also have two rectangular brush attachments. Since the brushes only operate in one direction, for larger or other rectangular ducts, please consider the TurboAir Reversible Air Duct Cleaning Attachment. Any strong vacuum source can be used with this system. The TurboAir will operate even on a 4 stage vacuum system, but when it comes to duct cleaning more is better.
    3. A ULV Fogger is much better applicator than a pump up sprayer. ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume and can generate water droplets down to .3 micropell (.00003 centimeter water droplet diameter). These ultra small droplets can be thrown up to 50 ft and Air-Blaster models can though droplets 75 ft. but the droplet size is larger. If you question is regarding treating the inside of each duct with an air duct sanitizer, a ULV fogger is best. Treat each duct for 5 minutes. (be sure to wear a respirator and safety glasses when doing all types of duct work)
    4. Prices ranges from $10 per vent opening to $25 per vent opening. Cleaning the return sections can be from $50 to $150. Post ULV fogging the air duct sanitizer $50 to $100 per home.

    Just as a note, owning an air duct cleaning tool is just that a tool. For example, an auto mechanic may really like his adjustable crescent wrench, but it is not the only tool in the tool box. There are situations where the TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Attachment many not be your only tool in you tool box. I only bring this up because, for some reason, I have had purchasers of this system think that this tool was a all inclusive tool that would clean any type of duct, in any condition, of any size, in any location.