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  • Restoration Pricing Questions

    I just wanted to get pricing feedback for Restoration work

    1)What is a good price for pulling up and on site disposal (bagging and putting at curbside) of wet padding. Charge by the square foot?

    2)How much should I be paying for new padding? What is decent square foot/ square yard price. I buy the remanants for HD Depot because they always have some one hand and don't have to worry about storing it.

    3)What is good price for water extraction? Charge by the Gallon or Charge by the hour, or another way?

    4)What should I be charging for carpet restretching and reinstallation (assuming the room is empty)?

    5)What should I be charging for renting out my air movers.



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    restoration rates

    When I used to own a resotration company, we did everything by charging a service call for each trip out + hourly charge (sometimes times and a half for night and Sunday) + materials used (blocks, tabs, contractor bags, gloves, gallons of sanitizer,...) + desposal fee for the carpet + disposal fee for the pad (I don't remember the figure)+ rental rates+ sales tax.
    On the reinstallation fees I would break up the charge to include the floor prep, cut to fit, glue or staple pad, tackless strip work fee and then charge another fee to do the carpet restretch fee. When I used to lump the two together the insurance companies would com**** about the fee, but as soon as I seperated the fees, it was OK.
    I belive the current rate for air movers is about $25 a day.