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Ametek Lamb New High Airwatt models

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  • Ametek Lamb New High Airwatt models

    Donald, or anyone else thats reading this, have you ever heard of a new Ametek Lamb 3 stage motor that has higher airwatts than the 116765 (485)?
    I think the model number is LMB1A and the specs are 5.7" diameter, 550 air watts, 120CFM, 12.5 amp draw, approx 126" H2O lift, and it has some sort of new tapered fan system. Does anyone know of these new blowers and are they good and reliable or problematic?

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    New vac motors for carpet cleaning machines

    All I know at this time is Mytee Products is trying them out in some of there machines.


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      Donald, it turns out they weren't actually Ametek Lamb motors at all, but some substitute that was being passed off as a lamb. I opted away from those and went with the big 7.2" 3 stage lamb motor (117500-12).