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  • Advise please

    I got my Mytee Lyte ll from Steam brite.
    I have two different types of rugs in my house.
    Both are Karastan I would call them a very light beige. The majority of the house has a textured cut pile wear dated durasoft nylon w/scotch gard advance repel. The rest is 100% Dupont Tacteese nylon Berber.
    I purcahased a lifetime supply of Ambush and Flush drain aide. You also sent some samples of Kryptonite and Ocean Breeze. Thankyou.
    I figured I would just get the hang of the machine an try it with water only. The results were terrific with the stand up wand. The fiber stood up and the dirt was removed revealing the subtle color of the carpet.
    So how do I use each of the chemicals?
    I did learn not to grab the brass connectors when hot water was going through the spray head. Duh!
    What's the right stroke technique spray forward suck back? Does the water need contact time to loosen the soil?
    Do you need to press down on the wand or just use the weight of the wand?
    That's enough to probably get me started.
    Thanks John O

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    Cleaning your home

    It is always better to prespray the Ambush and Kryponite first. Follow the prespray delution directions on each of the cleaners. Follow by rinsing with Flush mixed with water. Apply the rinse with the vaccum on durring the back stroke using the weight of the wand. Walk forward with an extra dry stroke only. It is easier if you mount the assit handle of the wand near the top bend. Any remaining spots can be post spotted with Dry Cleaner and re-rinsed with the extraction machine.