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  • My truck mount please read

    I have a masterblend el diablo tm. It has had lot of things go wrong since i got it. It was not aligned up right motor to blower it blew out the rubber coupler. It has been thru thermostats. I have been thru 5 power inverter's it keeps overheating now they want me to cut wires on the inside of the inverter to bypass the heat sensors but now they offer some kind of generator instead of the inverter but i was not offered that. I have had gas shooting out the top of he carb. The vac gauge keeps getting sprung but they are going to send me one when they get a new vendor. I had to replace the electronics on the heat system. Most of the connections were loose and leaking. The man i got it from has been great, Don at the cleaners solution. My machine has 240hrs right now all this started from day one. At about 170hrs my roots blower started leaking at the blower shaft seal and face plate. I noticed the bolts were backed out on the face plate i was able to tighten them up by my fingers. When i called about it i was told that there was a problem with the manufacturer not getting all the bolts tight. My guy Don said he has another one doing the same as mine he changed seals twice on one machine and it is still leaking. So i call masterblend they told me i had to go to roots 3 hours away and i had to take it out of machine. I called roots in Houston Texas and asked about it ad the man i spoke to told me that if it was leaking already that it was ran improper so it probably would not be covered. When i bought this machine i bought a masterblend not a roots i feel masterblend should cover this with a new blower sent to me or the place i bought it from. I wish i would have got a machine from a company that stands behind there products i will not be getting another el diablo. I just wanted to share this with everyone in case you were thinking about getting one.
    Thank you
    Chuck Riley

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    Just got a phone call from my supplier, Masterblend is shipping out a new blower today. That is all i wanted to begin with. As far as the machine it is hard to beat i have lots of vac and heat and plenty of psi to boot. They have been real supportive on all the small things and fixed everything no questions asked. I even use alot of their chems.


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      Masterblend Truckmount

      They no longer use power inverters to run the burner, rather all the new units have a 2000 watt generator on board. This generator is belt driven by the Honda engine on the truckmount. This has resolved most all the past known issues and I am very impressed with the results. If you own the old style please contact me and I can work up an estimate for selling you a conversion kit.
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        So basically using generators has eliminated the problem? I had similar problems with my equipment and have been looking for a way to fix it.
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          Master Blend

          I use the El Diablo and have never had a problem. Anytime I call Master Blend they are very helpful and call me back quickly if they aren't available when I call. Hmmm.... I wish better service for you, it really is a great machine. Maybe yours didn't go through quality control or something...
          Good Luck
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