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Transporting a Mytee

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  • Transporting a Mytee

    I'm just starting out, as a lot of folks are here. I have a Mytee 1005DX on the way, and should be here next week. Sometimes my ambitions override my sense and I think I've done it again this time. I run on the principle of just getting started and let the other "small stuff" work itself out. Well, It may not be that easy this time. This Mytee is 110 lbs, but the real problem is the height: 49". I'm working on the van issue, but still want to get moving while it's summer. The only vehicle I have remotely capable of working this is a Dodge ram Quad cab. To put the machine in the back passenger space would be a nightmare. The next choice is to get a shell on the back and load it in the bed. The only problem is the extractor height. Can one of these machines be transported on a cushion, laying on its back? I don't want to work internal components loose from the bumps and vibrations, as I'm sure transporting it that way may put undue stress on them. Any thoughts?

    Thanks a lot folks.

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    Mytee 1005DX transportation issues

    It is OK to lay the machine on its side or back. This will not create any warranty or service issues.