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Using UV Light for Urine and body fluid detection

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  • Using UV Light for Urine and body fluid detection

    Question: Hello:
    I just purchased some of your Urine Detection UV Led Flashlights-AX172 i was wondering if there were any instructions/directions for those? Thank you

    Answer: Safety first always where UV eye protection. The will reduce the possibilities of need cataract surgery when you are a senior citizen.
    Darken the room as much as possible. Some professionals take thick black plastic to the job with them. The prep the plastic by lining the perimeter with duct / fabric tape to reinforce it. Have a box of heavy duty thumb tacks to secure the plastic to the walls.
    Turn on the light. Pet urine and body fluids reflect a yellow, greenish light. The use of optical brighteners reflects a blue white light. Now if the customer has a urine spot and post cleans the carpet with an over the counter cleaner that contains an optical brightener, the spot looks like optical brightener. You can confirm the presents of urine with your urine-o-meter. Just poke the spot and if it has ever been urinated on, the meter will squeal (yes even when the urine is over 5 years old).