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    The question is in black and the answer is Red

    Suzanne wrote:
    What is the warranty on ULV Fogger? One year parts from the factory. And what is the replacement warranty on this product? None, the factory will fix it, not replace it. I am intend to use this fogger in my attic. Would that be workable? Yes. I cannot afford the deluxe type of fogger you have on the web site.

    I have questions on few statement on this product; i cannot figure out what these means:

    (1) Output nozzle adjusts from 1.5 to 5.3 gph. I able to fog wider area with these 1.5 to 5.3 gph range? The spray pattern remains the same, only volume changes. The is the maximum and minimum gallons per hour it will spray. The round coller at the nozzle is what you turn to make the adjustment.
    (2) Hold 1.5" X 3 ft vacuum hose ......does this mean I can attach the 100ft extension cord or more to use this fogger in my attic? You can attach a 12-3 or 10-3 extension cord to this model. Do not use a 14-3 or 16-3 with this model. If you do not know what type of extension cord you own, just look at the side jacket. It will be stamped with the gage rating. Or is it safe to attach the longer extension cord? I would not use more than 100 ft of power cord. Does this product come with 1.5" X 3 ft vacuum hose? NO

    Wait for your reply ASAP. Thanks. Suzanne

    For stationary, indoor, mist to fog spraying. Can apply a wide variety of chemicals, even wettable powders. Won¬Ęt damage chemical composition. Two-gallon capacity. 110-volt electric motor. On/off switch for continuous or intermittent use. Output nozzle adjusts from 1.5 to 5.3 gph. Hold 1.5" X 3 ft vacuum hose over nozzle to direct spray into tight spaces or air ducts. Translucent, high-density polyethylene canister; convenient carrying handle. Can shoot mist 50 ft away! [URL=[/URL]
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