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    Thank you

    I had no idea the extent of the ways people will go to steal your money or product. This thread was very informative and helpful. Thank you for posting it. It helps a newbie out.
    Don C.
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      James Peterson <[email protected]>

      James Peterson <[email protected]>
      Already testing the water to see if he can pay with a credit card and then pick up the order and stop payment.

      Being that his address has 391 in it, mean he has already changed his email 391 times on other scams.

      Cargulos Shop Limited. (internet scammer)
      251 George Street,
      Dunedin 9016 Otago
      +64 3-476 7856
      Carlos Rodriguez <[email protected]>
      Like to pay with a credit card, pick up the shipping with his own delivery company and then stop payment on the transaction.
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        Spruce SpringClean LLC
        Sierra Martin
        13244 Grand Terrace Dr
        Grand Island Florida 32735-9619
        invoice 50634 / order 2018773
        [email protected]
        ph 352-775-0030

        Placed a $10799.52 on line order for all brand new electric truck mount, pressure washer, heater, tools, chemicals and after receiving the item, never returning any items stopped payment with their credit card.
        All items shipped in factory sealed and package container and just lied to the credit card company stating we shipped used equipment. Also states that the owners manuals state it is not OK to use the electric equipment in the rain and since THEY PURCHASED AN OPEN TRAILER, instead of enclosed trailer, it is somehow our fault that we did not prevent them purchasing this package.
        Please note if you drove down to the Chevy dealer and purchased a car then drove down to Home Depot and purchased a lawn tractor, then when called your credit card company and stopped payment on the Home Depot lawn tractor purchased because the car would not tow the lawn tractor somehow blaming Home Depot that they did not try to prevent you from purchasing the lawn tractor. OMG, just go and purchase a totally enclosed trailer and cargo van!
        This customer somehow self justifies that it is our fault that they selected an open trailer and is just using any excuse they can think of to try to keep the equipment for free. If you own a Smart Car and then go and purchase a Christmas tree and use this car to transport the Christmas tree home and because the car is not designed to safely transport the tree home, so you loose the tree on the street along the way. Are you OK with allowing the customer to stop payment on the Christmas tree dealer based on the customer's decision on how they transported the tree home? The Christmas tree dealer does not have any responsibility to the choice of transportation used by the customer. SteamBrite did not sell or recommend this open trailer for use in the rain.
        Whether you are a customer or vendor of Spruce SpringClean LLC I would not recommend having any business with this firm.
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          Duff Brown 42 Woodland Ave. Bronxville, NY 10708

          Duff Brown
          42 Woodland Ave.
          Bronxville, NY 10708
          [email protected]

          Likes to ship to Duff Brown
          12 Primrose Ave.
          Mount Vernon, NY 10552 and then stop payment with credit card company.


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            new address used in scam

            Packages shipped to

            Randall Housley (internet scammer)
            3621 N Main Circle
            Elkhorn NE 68022
            are being used in a credit card scam.

            on 4/26/17 we shipped a Shurflo SRS-600-120 V backpack sprayer to the above address.
            Customer stopped payment right after the package was delivered.

            Phone number used for the order is 248-821-1793
            email [email protected]

            Credit card owner states this was not an approved ship to address for that credit card.
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              Scammer 347 Forestdale Ave Glendora California 91741 541-231-6800 [email protected]

              The following customer
              Szu Wu (internet scammer)
              347 Forestdale Ave
              541 231 6800
              Glendora CA 91741
              [email protected]

              Likes to order on line and then stop payment with the credit card company.
              You must make customer sign for packages at this address!
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                New Level of Scamming not seen before

                Edward Dean Porter (internet scammer)
                Shirley M Porter (internet scammer)
                2853 Township Rd #249
                Toronto OH 43964
                ph 740-544-6513
                ph 740-632-1491
                ph 704-544-5842
                ph 740-632-1690
                [email protected]
                [email protected]

                Placed order on invoice 54440 on 6/14/17 stating he had a forklift on site to unload his pallet/ skid.
                6/27/17 UPS Freight driver showed up at his home and a forklift was not on site so customer called in and paid the additional $80 for re-delivery fee with liftgate service to his home.
                On 6/29/17 @ 5:32 PM UPS delivered the order with wrap intact on and left pallet in the customer garage and left the delivery site at 5:48 PM.
                Somehow the customer convinced the UPS driver to leave the pallet in the garage and yet refused to sign for the delivery and the UPS driver left the skid anyway.
                Customer called 7/13/17 and stated he was missing item AH71 from this pallet so we while customer was on the phone added item AH48 to ship no charge to the customer.
                Shipped FEDEX ground FedEx Package 1 Tracking #: 108013615333426. Delivered 7/18/17 at front door - no signature.
                On 8/26/17 customer stopped payment on all the transactions on the bases that he convinced the UPS driver to leave the pallet without a signature and stated the UPS driver left the pallet in some other persons garage.
                The UPS GPS confirmed the correct address and the address was clearly posted on the home.

                Do not sell to this customer as he will stop payment on all orders.
                Wire transfer payment only
                This posting will stay up until they have paid us $3475.95 for the stolen equipment + $40 stop payment fee.

                Also negative comments at

                phone numbers are also tied to Deadly Guns LLC
                13270 STATE HWY 152, TORONTO, OH 43964
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                  more scammers, let us send them some garbage.

                  Major credit card violation!
                  "I will like to place orders for some of your products, I will like to know if i can place orders with my credit card and if i can arrange pick up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company."
                  Mr. Chris Whiteny <[email protected]>
                  [email protected]

                  Never let either of these two email purchase anything from you as you surely will not get paid.
                  I would love it is some that have a pallet of trash, sand dirt, of some other items they would like to throw away, please allow this scammer place a fake order with you. Once the pick up the trash, they will stop payment but they will be out their own shipping charge to receive your garbage.
                  If everybody would start doing this, they might reconsider their scamming.


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                    6 Van Corlandt Park Ave. Apt. S4 Yonkers, NY 10701

                    Do not ship any items to 6 Van Corlandt Park Ave. (internet scammer)
                    Apt. S4
                    Yonkers, NY 10701
                    Current credit card scam.
                    Customer will stop payment on any deliveries.
                    Isaac E Schwartz
                    Joseph Green
                    130 W. 79th St.
                    New York, New York 10024
                    [email protected]
                    [email protected]
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                      Global Carpet And Upholstery Care SCAM

                      Each time we have shipped a package to:
                      Global Carpet And Upholstery Care
                      James Jeanbaptiste (internet scammer)
                      5068 Boa Cir
                      Lake Worth FL 33463
                      They have stopped payment on their orders.
                      Do not ship to this customer! They will scam you every time.

                      This last order was delivered on 7/20/17 and on 7/21/17 they called our office and stated they were missing 2 diamond floor pad from their box.
                      The factory stated this 2nd box to resolve this issue was shipped out.
                      Then on 9/28/17 customer stopped payment on the order with the credit card stating the order was never delivered, so how was it possible that they called 24 hour later to say it was missing 2 pads if it was never delivered in the first place? I really believe the order was shipped complete and the phone call on 7/21/17 was just to get some free stuff.

                      [email protected]
                      [email protected]

                      The order placed on 4/12/17, customer stopped payment on this order as well.

                      Normally when we get this type of customer they do NOT have a website as naturally they do not want bad publicity and then I noticed that they have an A+ rating with the BBB logo. I figured, how can this be??
                      So I checked out the BBB website and searched by they company, the address, the zip code and many other searches and no rating by the BBB. They are using the bbb logo illegally!
                      I reach out to the BBB and they confirmed that this company was using their logo without authorization.
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                        J&B's Simply Clean Carpet LLC On Line Scam
                        Brooke-Lynn Killingbeck
                        150 Orchard Hill Trail
                        ph 303-875-9020
                        Buda TX 7810
                        [email protected]
                        Ordered two Villa 100011US Ozone gas generators on line order 2022557 / invoice 56625 on 10/2/17
                        Both units delivered Ground Shipping
                        1Z72X4150361845242 Delivered on 10/12/17
                        and 1Z72X4150367154228 Delivered on 10/12/17
                        10/12/2017 11:17:58 AM: 5 minute after deliver, customer called claiming to stop payment on invoice 56625 saying that we shipped to the wrong address but never provided any other address than the billing address. CTG
                        Customer opted to not have us ship again, instead opted to just use the units they already have. They informed us that they meant to have equipment ship to their customer in CO. They did not feel that they should not have to pay for an order that they filled in the wrong ship to address incorrectly.
                        Customer called to stop payment immediately after receiving items. #1 how would they know to call about the items shipping to the so called wrong address if they were not home when the package was received as the tracking was not provided to the customer in advance?
                        Credit card processor confirmed bill and and ship to is correct. Customer really did stopped payment for fact that they failed to supply any alternative ship to information!
                        Please not not ship any items to J&B's Simply Clean Carpet LLC
                        Brooke-Lynn Killingbeck as I am sure they will stop payment.
                        Major credit card scammers.
                        Post will stay up until they refund us the $619.70 + the credit card stop payment fee.


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                            Do not ship any products to:
                            Thopmas Williamd
                            429 S Hawley Rd Apt 31
                            Milwaukee WI 53214
                            ph 608-647-3995
                            [email protected]


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                              DO NOT SHIP PRODUCT TO:
                              Robert Villagomez
                              14354 South Highway 187
                              Caballo, New Mexico 87931



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                                Beware: Mike Bill <[email protected]> is hunting for the next victim.