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    On line scammer:
    Vlad (Max) Huskins
    4701 NE 77th Ave
    Unit D16
    Vancouver WA 98662
    [email protected]
    Invoice 88594 shipped three items FedEx Package 1 Tracking #: 787292087087
    Shipped 05/18/21
    Stopped payment and kept all three items.
    Talked to person on the phone and confirmed receipt of goods and even sent a return label to the customer that he never used. I asked him if he planned on returning the items and he stated he would think about it and 10 min later wrote a negative review on Google.
    FedEx Return Package 1 Tracking #: 281774080913
    Printed 07/23/21
    How can someone have this much anger and hatred in their lives to just want to spread it around and steel from on line companies.
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      On line scammer:
      Martin Mote-Pacheco
      AKA Marcos Soto Morfin
      AKA Marcos Morfin-Soto
      AKA Marco Morfin
      AKA Marcos Morfin
      AKA Marcos M Soto
      AKA Maria Morfin

      Date of Birth 11/04/1970

      1350 California Avenue
      Waycross GA 31503
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      Invoice 91685 failed to pay for his Kohler engine after he signed for it.
      Failed to return it.
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        On line scammer:
        Richard Turner
        10 Jason Lane
        Livingston NJ 07305
        Company name: Wash 360
        551-244-3561 and 347-244-0333
        [email protected]
        IP address:

        Refused to pay for his pressure washer and trailer after receipt.
        Failed to return it
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          Internet web scammer:
          David Bagdikyan
          4224 ****ter Way P a i n t e r W a y
          North Highlands CA 95660
          IP address
          Ships product to:
          Jacob Sena
          6221 Diamond A St
          PH 916-251-1992
          Roswell NM 88203
          [email protected]
          Stops payment after the product ships. inv 94485


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            On line scammer:
            Theresa Brooks
            187 Washington Cir
            Gainestown AL 36540
            eh[email protected]
            Inv 94157


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              Do not ship any orders to internet Scammer:
              Emmanuel Juarez
              9121 Hammerly Blvd
              Houston Texas 77080
              ph 256-349-0571
              [email protected]
              inv 94734
              Last ip address
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