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RX-20 vss. Mytee Spinmaster

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  • RX-20 vss. Mytee Spinmaster

    I was curious as to the difference between the RX-20 and what I think is called the Mytee spin tool. They seem to be very similar in appearance. Also, would either work with a portable extractor. What requirements would my portable need to handle one of these specialty wands?

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    Hydramaster RX20 Vs Mytee Spin Master Sm100

    The Hydramaster RX20 and the Mytee Spinn SM100 master are very similar. I think Mytee felt that Hydramaster was over charging the market for the wand so they took one to China and had it duplicated. The Spin Master SM100 even uses some interchangeable parts. You could you parts from one to fix the other. Mytee first released the tool and many had some service issues and so they where all recalled. This happen a few years ago and no known issues in the last couple of years. I think the Mytee is a good bet.
    The use of power wands uses twice as much water as regular wands so they are best suited for auto fill and dump machines that have lots of extra suction power.
    Please read the article in the forum about hose lengths with different amounts of vacuum power.


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      my reconditioned spinmaster

      i received my spinmaster recently and have a couple of has 5 spray jets instead of the 3 on the rx-20. since right now i use it with a portable, will i be better served closing off 2 of the jets? if so, where do you suggest i get the end pieces to close off 2 of the jets? also, it has no ring around the housing to protect baseboards and the like. anyway to improve this? any add on 'bumper'?