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  • auto dump

    i have a sandia portable with up to 500 psi, auto fill and a heater. can i add an auto dump? if so will i need to run another cord or can it be configured another way? how much for the auto dump system?

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    Sandia Carpet Cleaning Machine Auto dump

    You can always add auto dump to any portable, the problem is once it leaves the factory it dramatically increases the difficulty of the project. You can add a sub mount system where the pump is in the motor box or ad a submersible style where the pump is located in the waste tank (works better). Are you pretty good with your hands on fixing your equipment?


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      i would like to think i'm mechanically inclined. never worked on an extractor though, mainly floor machines. for the submersible auto dump, what cost am i looking at?

      Also, the auto fill on my machine has stopped working. the machine is only a few months old, 6 at the most. any warranty? thanks for all of your help
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        auto dump

        I do know what the warranty on auto fill devices are, but I would guess 90 days as with most 'wear items.' If you purchased from us, please supply your invoice number and I will be glad to check with the factory to see what the factory warranty is with that product model.

        All the parts for our auto dump cost $250 and you need a certain amount of space to make the pump fit.
        I will have to get a quote from Sandia to see if they offer an post install option.


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          my invoice # is 132605. hope you can get me some info on the autofill warranty or the ability to get specific parts for it.


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            parts for Sandia auto fill

            I looked at your invoice and noticed this auto fill device came from Sandia Plastics. Could you please email me photos of the parts in question to [email protected]. This way I can see what we are talking about and might even be able to purchase the repair parts directly from the manufacture of those parts.


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              I'm not sure as to what part is not working. I just know that when it was working, when the float would get too low, there was a click then the water would start to flow in to fill the tank. Now the float when it gets low does not give a click sound, and no water entering the tank. I've seen a diagram of the system and it seems as if a spring is not working properly.

              I lost the schematic for the auto fill system. Can you possibly email it to me at [email protected] ? Thank you


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                Auto dump

                Please visit
                Auto Fill with Chemical Injector, DE440-23BT, Tanks, Parts & Accessories, This unit and permanently or temporary installed on your carpet cleaning extractor to allow auto fill with adjustable chemical injection. Works with hot or cold water. Float ...

                does it look similar to this type of float system?


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                  float system

                  yes, it looks very much like that system. if parts can be ordered, i only would need the part that contains the plunger system. thanks


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                    auto fill

                    you mean the part that clicks, not the float, correct? Make sure you float is not full of water.


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                      yes, th e part that clicks


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                        auto fill repair for carpet cleaning machine

                        Please email me at [email protected] and request schematics for the auto fill device. I tried to see if I could upload here but the file size exceeded the vBulletin limits.