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changing vacuum hose size

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  • changing vacuum hose size

    i have a portable sadia extractor. it has a barbed 1.5" vac hose port. can i remove this and install a 2" port and thus increase the length of hose i can run? where would i get a compatible 2" barbed connector for this Sandia? it also seems very difficult to reach the inner part of the port. any suggested tools or if i put a wrench on the outer piece, will it just come off? interested because i would like to get a Spinmaster tool.
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    Up grade your portable extractor to 2" ID hose

    You can install a 2" port on the lid and then cap off the port that is on the machine. This has been done in the past with good results. I have some photos I will load to our website.
    Shazaam Vacuum booster lid with 2 port, TWST2PORT, , by Shazaam, Boost you vacuum and suction power by increasing the size of the vacuum port.  If you own a Sandia, Hydroforce, Olympus, or any other brand machine that uses a 1-1 2 vacuum port and ...
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      Do they make that lid to fit the old clear plastis threaded ones too? All my portables have that old clear plastic screw on lid with the screw threads.


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        up grade the vacuum on my portable

        It has never been done before because the clear lid is not very smoth on top. It has those two finger dips in them so you can twist if off and on. But with this said, I do belive it is possible. Either we can make the port in a clear lid or you can just purchase the black lid and change the out ring out to accomidate the new lid. The black lid is an inch larger so you might have to enlarge the hole on the waste tank to change the mounting rings.