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  • Hose length

    I have an older mytee speedster no bells/whistles. 2, 2 stage vacs, 100 psi pump in Par..

    I "think' I cam change the cuff to accept 2" hose and am not afraid to install 2-3 stage vacs.

    Can someone assist me in figuring out what my limits are and other options i may use? Not trying to leave the machine at home nor on the truck but outside. I;d like to run 75'-100' if possible.

    I will read any threads but was limited in my seacrh results.

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    I think I have found the answer.

    I now assume that if I change my current 'barb' inlet to accept 2" hose, then I can run 75-100' of 2" hose.

    If so, then I now need to know if steambrite sells the 'barb'?


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      2" vacuum port on the machine

      2" vacuum port can be changed over by changing the lid with a pre-installed 2" port and just seal off the original or purchasing the 2" MIP X 2" barbed fitting. Both options are available at SteamBrite


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        Re: Hoses

        If you change out the motors to be two 3 stage motors, use the lamb 116765 motors because they have better lift than the 116565 units. Secondly, if your present motors are hooked in series (most 2 stage motors are), hook up the new 3 stage motors in parallel. This will give you better air flow (CFM) and allow longer hose runs of 100' easily. And if you really want to open up the machines ability to breathe, you can even add a second 1.5" stack for the second motor, or the easier way would be to replace the existing 1.5" stack with a 2" stack feeding both motors in parallel. Your machine will scream!