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2" vs 1.5 difference

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  • 2" vs 1.5 difference

    I am in complete shock! I have owned my Mytee for about 3 years. 2, 2 stage vacs. 25' 1.5 hose with dry times around 2-6 hours. (closer to 2 the longer i had been doing this)

    The plumbing inside the mytee uses PVC pipe. This pipe tapers to form a complete air seal. The gray intake does not taper so mating these two together was an issue since the gray intake will only go so far into white PVC pipe. The 1.5 intake fit snugly enough. 2" is another story.

    However, once my little brain figured out I needed to cut the intake down to ONLY what I needed to penetrate the plumbing, all worked well.

    I bought 50' of 2" hose (blue) and even with 50' the recovery was increased in very dramatic ways. I ended up cutting the 50 into 2 sections. 1 X 30' & 1 X 20' +/-.

    The shorter hose leaves the carpet almost dry to the touch.

    I urge anyone with a porty that allows a 2" intake to run, do not walk, to make this 1/2 change!

    can you imagine what my dry times will be if I drop in 2, 3 stage vacs? Add to that Donalds booster? 9 stages of vacuum? Drop down an air mover and BAM! carpets dry in like 5 minutes.

    Donald, your forum and info contained herein is truly awesome! Thanks.

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    Thanks for replying to my other post "need help choosing portable to fit my needs" I asked this question to Donald because you recommended the Mytee 1003 and he stated the Sandia was a great choice also, but only had 1.5" and 25 ft cords I asked about converting to 2" and the last post he made a reply that led me to believe this would not work or was not a good Idea (you will have to review what he said on that post) I am curious what you think of what he said. He did state that It would make no difference if you were using 75" or less. But you are stating different? My dillema wich machine to choose, he last stated if the Sandia had 50 ft cord and 2" hose it would be hands down winner has same gut as Mytee better filter protection and far better warranty. So am leaning toward Sandia (they are same price within a few bucks) the 25 ft cord is not a big issue to me(a high quality industrial extension cord if ever needed would work on rare occasion) but the 1.5" hose is what I am caught up on, He also said converting would void warranty, guess I could do it when warranty was up. If it would work, but he led me to believe it would not. Your thoughts


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      I'll give it a shot. My input is based soley on my experience. and I have none with the Sandia.

      I feel certain Donalds point (not speaking for him) was he likes Sandia because of how they warranty their stuff. However, the intake on that machine will NOT allow a 2" conversion. Reason being the 'hole' where the fitting...fits..(this is the 'cuff' that allows one to slide the hose onto....well, this 'hole' is not big enough to accept the 2"/ Or maybe simply making the change will void the warranty. I am unsure.

      what I do know for a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e certain is the minimal difference between 1.5 and 2" is the difference between fast and light-speed.

      also, there is NOT*NG that can go wrong with any of these machines that YOU can not fix.

      get the Mytee, make the change.

      As for hose length, one must wrap their head around friction to grasp why hose length really matters. It seems to me you get the concept clear enough. shorter better. at least fro dry times.

      However, there is also this; the hose size makes a huge difference in the hassle factor. 2" is way more PITA than 1.5. It 'kinks' more and has less flex...but unless you had used the 1.5 first you'd never know the difference.

      fianlly, I really have no percentage in the game. so what your final call is will never truly affect me right? But had I truly understood back then what I get now...I'd never have had 1.5. Ever. never.

      Now I am so excited about my dry times and how dry the carpet is when done....I can not begin to fathom how well it would do with 2, 3 stage vacs.

      Mytee has come a very long way and have earned a spot on the professional tool box.

      I hope my imput here has answered your questions. if not, fire away. I am only too glad to help. It feels like paying back for the help this forum has offered me.


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        Hey thanks,
        You got me leaning toward the mytee, I had seen where Donald had said 2" was much better than 1 1/5". I will probably go with mytee and just do what he recommends (upgrading a filter less than $20 and he said to use nylon panty hose over the vacuum float cage. (not sure what that means but once I receive the machine I will figure it out. I reviewed the post I told you to look at and understand what he was saying now regarding the conversion (you cant just adapt 1.5" with 2" with an adaptor you would have to change the whole port wich would void warranty, simply using some type of hose adaptor would defeat the purpose the port must be enlarged or the 2" will have no effect.) thanks for all the help.


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          Also the reason I was leaning Sandia is because I dont think I will ever use more than 75 ft of hose and the fact he stated 1 1/2' to 2" makes no difference under 75 ft. So did you actually modify the whole port opening to 2" or just modify some sort of adaptor? Donald says it will work if you increas the port size but if you dont it is pointless. maybe I should flip a coin. Do you ever use more than 75 ft of hose? the less hose you use the better? If so why? quicker dry times?


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            Keep in mind that I changed the actual port in my machine. In other words, it is also 2".

            I know this: I had 25' of 1.5" hose and if I made several dry passes, I got the carpet to dry in a couple of hours.

            50' of 2" hose (twice as much hose) leaves the carpets dry enough to be dry in like 45 minutes. 20' they are almost dry to the touch with ONE dry pass.

            It may be my imagination.

            I dont have 75' of hose but I also have 2 2 stage vacs. In order to make those upgrades, I'd need two more vac motors (3 stage) at a couple hundred clams. and another 50 of hose. right at 2 bills also.

            close enough for me to just drop coin for the very machine you are looking at.

            There is another side to all of this bro.

            1'5 hose works fine. BUT your dry times increase. Wetter longer means dirtier faster. so, you could work around this by getting the rotary (used) and a couple or airmovers. Or just one air mover.

            You can always make the 2" change later. But when you do, I promise you will run here and post how you wish you had done it from the start.

            If you go this route then you'd:

            1) Show up
            2) Take in vacuum, chemicals and rotary. Pick the biggest room. Put gear there.
            3) Go to van and get Mytee and either the hose or wand. Go the room and vacuum and pre-spray. Go to truck while chemistry dwells.
            4) Bring in wand or hose. Go to room and use rotary to scrub. Set up extractor, extract.
            5) Set air mover in that room to begin dry process.

            The go to next biggest room and vacuum. Pre spray. Dwell. Move extractor, move air mover to new part of room to complete dry process.

            repeat through all of the rooms.

            finally, leave air mover in final room while you toat all of the other gear outside, clean, set in truck etc. (take your time and do this right) Take in carpet rake and rake from first room on. finally take air mover out. Upsell carpet protector...rake in. Walk through with custy, collect check. come here and write is to say how awesome this biz is


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              short hose vs long hose

              When you go to Sonic and order a shake it is easier to taste through a short straw as opposed to a long one. The added friction from the lining of the straw is the enemy. Shorter is easier and larger diameter is easier. 75 ft of hose allows you to leave the machine in one location and clean the entire home. (even the second floor). I personally like 75ft, it is the perfect length. I do not like having to move my equipment. Rather I want to find a centrally located water supply with a toilet and electricity. Setting up in the bathroom is good because you can turn on the exhaust fan and remove the humidity from the home. Leaving the machine outside is good to but I do not like carrying buckets of water. I also like auto fill and dump machines for this reason.


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                Originally posted by Donald
                I personally like 75ft, it is the perfect length. I do not like having to move my equipment.
                Good point. Okay, help me get my head around this; is your hose set up in one, two or three sections? (ie 1 X 50' + 1 X 25')


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                  most common hose length for cleaning

                  Two sections. The 50ft is the primary and the 25 ft is the last section.