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  • sandia

    while i understand that changing the port on my portable will void the warranty, I need to know what would be involved in changing the port from 1.5" to a 2" one. Is the port just sealed into the recovery tank, or is there a connector that the port screws into? Will I gain much improvement in drying time as some have suggested?

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    Up grade your portable extractor to 2" ID hose

    You would use a rubber plug to cap off the original location. The new port is drilled in from the top of the tank. You would have to 2-1/4" drill bit (hole saw) >tap threads to 2" National Pipe Thread > screw in a street 90 barbed fitting or use a street 90 2" elbow and screw the connector into it. Up grading to 2" port can be as much as a 100% improvement depending on the distance from the machine. For example dual 3 stage parallel vacuum at 150 ft is possible with 2" hose and port and not with 1.5" hose and port. If you purchase a machine from me we can make the upgrade for $75 if it is a machine we have in stock. If needed I could always make a port in a replacement lid and send you one that way
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      that would be great. the sandia i have obviously has the screw in cover. i'm guessing with the port installed, it will only fit a certain way with little wiggle room. that's no problem, just making sure i'm on the right page with what you are describing. how much will the replacement lid cost with the 2" port (barb) installed? i'm thinking of getting 2, having a back-up.


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        2" Vacuum inlet lid

        They currently cost $80. Depending on the year of your machine. You might need the black 7" twist lock lid. The clear screw in style was discontinued about 3 years ago.


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          recovery tank cover

          my invoice # is 132605 I measured the cover and it is 6.5" in diameter. It is a twist lock cover, and I'm hoping the 6.5" I measured is the 7" you are referring to. The hole in the top of the machine is slightly uner 6". I purchased the machine back in October of '08. The vent pipe comes really close to the cover. I'm hoping this will not pose a problem. And at $80 a piece, 1 will be good for now. If this will really work on my machine, I will also need to order some hoses. So, let me know what to call the part when I call to order it. Thank you for all of your helpful knowledge.
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            2" Vacuumm port in your lid

            2.5" ID lay flat hose is hose clamped to the 2" Mip thread that travel through the lid. This will allow for twisting on to the top of the machine. The hose is flexible and is cut long enough so the water that comes into the machine exits the hose below the vacuum cage filter. You need about one inch below the lid to screw it on. Please clarify if your lid is black or clear.


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              my lid is black and it is NOT a screw on. it has a T-shaped handle that folds down and locks the lid in place. hope this helps.
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