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fans, fans and more fans!!

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  • fans, fans and more fans!!

    so many choices on floor fans. what do you recommend? are the fans with the option of blowing the air downward worth the $$?
    Mytee: 3000 Tradewind Axial Carpet Fan $228
    Mytee: 2700 Mini Tradewind Axial Carpet Fan $255 (why more)
    Mytee: 2200 Mytee Dry 1/3hp Air Mover $139

    will i notice that much of a difference in drying times with a 3000cfm fan vss. a 2200 or 2500 cfm?

    i have a portable extractor so it would be nice to have the option to plug in a fan on same circuit if necessary and not blow a breaker!

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    Floor fans and amp draw

    I have notice a direct relation to amp draw and fan performance. The fans that use more electricity work better/blow harder. The large downdraft fans work the best. The Black Max air mover uses the most, blows the hardest and weights the most.
    #2 is the Drieaz downdraft uses only 7.5 amps so you could place two on one circuit breaker. Works great.
    The Mytee fans are cheap and if you are to purchase a Mytee, purchase the 2200. I don't like the other two too much. (for the money)
    I used 6 mytee 2200 fans on my truck. Two stacks of 3 straight up the wall with bungee cords holding them to the wall. Ultimately, you are going to have to choose.