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  • Prowler

    I seem to recall steam-brite carrying the prowler. I can't find it here now.

    Did I miss something?

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    We only have it available in Australia. The US sales have been taken over by another dealer.


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      I am having a hard time getting any honest feedback on this machine. although you no longer sell it here, can you share w/me the pros and cons?

      I am still deciding if I want to go small TM or bigger porty and I need some help.


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        Prowler Truckmount

        Every one that purchases one ultimately just leaves it in the truck because it is too heavy to push up the ramp without and electric winch
        The all in one unit needs a smaller motor and vacuum system in order to remove some of the weight. It you look at similar systems that stay on the truck, you could save about $1000 just because it is not on wheels.
        If you are looking for a strong electric system, please consider the Goliath
        plus add the Mitho
        both systems will run on three cords or a single 220 volt electric dryer outlet.
        If you want a small gas powered system, please look at the ProStart
        These system can be installed on a cart if you need to roll it around


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          Thanks Donald. I have not looked at the links yet but I will tonight and over the week-end.

          I really appreciate your help and all you do for guys like me. Thanks.

          You offer a very valuable service here with this forum.