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  • Upgrade info/links please

    I want to upgrade my mytee (again) to 2, 3 stages. auto fill/dump.

    It is an older 1001 100 psi no heat, 2 2 stage machine that i have 2" intake on.

    Inside are two float tubes.

    I want to do this for hi rise units and the units too far for decent hose reach from my TM.
    I will also want to do tile so I need a 1000-1200 psi pump.

    I could start over with a new machine but why? I have this faithful unit here.

    Please link the auto auto for me. There was once a pumptek 1200 psi pump here somewhere.

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    Adding features to your carpet cleaning machine

    To add more vacuum and auto dump, just purchase the Mytee 7001 machine
    This hooks to your existing vacuum and would give you 7 stages total all the same time adding auto dump too.
    This is a quality auto dump pump, unlike the little baby auto dump Mytee installs inside of the M-12 and M-5 extractors.
    You can add auto fill to any extractor with
    You can add 1200 psi to your system with the Mytee water hog
    You can even clean with more aggression than the Water Hog for less money with our 2000 psi system
    (it is cheaper too)
    If you decide to go with the pressure washer, I would have to get you a special adapter that converts the 22 mm pressure washer thread to carpet and tile cleaning QD with a pressure gauge on it.