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    What are the effects, pros and cons, of installing smaller/larger tips?

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    small jets vs, large jets

    I assume your question is geared towards carpet cleaning. When cleaning carpet you have to either use high flow and low psi, or high pressure with low flow. Examples of this would be cleaning at 70 psi with dual jet 11008 tips, or 550 psi with dual 11001 tips. You could clean some where in the middle. 225 psi with dual 11003 tips or 450 psi with dual 110015 jets. The pressure mentioned here are cleaning pressure not what you pump can push when you are not squeezing the trigger, rather the pressure you clean with with the trigger depressed. What ever you use, please make sure you can dry the carpet fast because the customer love this. You will have to experiment and find what you like. Many cleaners keep a small selection of jets on the truck and change the tips according to the job. On really nasty jobs, larger tips with more psi, or if the customer wants the carpet to dry fast, install smaller jets and turn the pressure down. If you have a heated machine, smaller jets will slow the water down and allow for the water to absorb more heat. This too helps the carpet dry faster. If you are using a flow controlled burner to heat the water there will be a minimum jet size and psi that you will have to achieve to light the burner on the cleaning stroke. This combination is different on every machine. For example on the Mitho unit, you can use any size jet as long as the pressure is over 450 psi - then it will heat the water.

    IPC Eagle Used Mitho Hot Pressure Washer - 1200 psi - 2.2gpm sold , MITHO-PL-1200, , by IPC Eagle, Mitho Plus 115 V, 15 A &bull 1200 PSI, 2.2GPM &bull 195 F Max temp. 105o Heat Rise &bull Aluminum head oil bath plunger pump &bull Stainl...