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    i have a 2007 ford E350 heavy duty van. is it easy to install a fuel kit? even with the van having fuel injection? can you run me through the basics of installing one if you think it's easy enough to do on your own? thanks

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    Carpet Cleaner Fuel Tap Kit

    Fuel tap kits are averagely easy, just time consuming. Most ford kits install in the fill neck vent tubing which runs parallel to the fill neck tubing. You remove the fill neck opening and all the fill neck hoses. The appropriate hose is cut all the way through and you install a full tap adapter in between this new cut and hose clamp both sides. Re-install all the fill neck tubing and fill neck opening. When finished, the fuel tap will have a piece of full line that extends into the fuel tank and the other side of the tap will have a piece of fuel line that will go to your fuel filter and fuel transfer pump. Most of the kit come with some instructions and photos to better clarify these steps. Since the fuel is removed from the fill neck, it does not matter if the van is fuel injected or not.

    Donald Cook Supply