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    I have read that you suggest using an injection sprayer instead of a pump sprayer and also instead of running chemicals through your pump. What is an injection sprayer and how does it work? What does it do differently than a pump sprayer?

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    prespray options for carpet cleaners

    Clean Storm Selector-Injector Injection Sprayer for Pre-Spraying and Post Spraying for Carpet Cleaning, SbmSelect, , by Clean Storm, The Selector-Injector Injection Sprayer. Allows operator to select which of the 2 quart jugs included that you might wa...

    Selector injector - you select the bottle you want to suck out of and you select the delution ratio of one to four or one to eight.
    Injection Sprayer, INJ-2000, , 5 QT. INJECTOR SPRAYER Parts interchangeable with HydroForce 30 TO 1000 psi Use with Truck Mount or Portable Valve by DEMA ENGINEERING Multi-Sprayer first with stronger, translucent 5 quart jugs Each unit sold with 2 jugs...

    Standard injection sprayer
    This can be manufactured with the Uni/Vee jet or the check valve drippless teejet tip (recommended).
    HydroForce Revolution Injection Sprayer, AS08R, Sprayer, Parts & Accessories, by HydroForce, The REVOLUTION AS08R has started Carpet cleaning will never be the same Free yourself from additional work. Fight for faster cleaning.  Kill to save m...

    All of these sprayers work the same way, where you place you semi concentrate product in the jug and your pressurized water from your carpet cleaning machine is the driving force to correctly delute and spray the product down. Currently about 95% off all professional carpet cleaners use some type of injection sprayer for their spraying jobs.

    How does it work? It uses a ventury (suction device on a check valve system) that when the water is jetted over this valve it causes the chemical from the jug to be sucked into the water stream. No electricity or physical pumping required.
    It sprays about 10 times faster than a pump up sprayer. In our testing we found out that you cannot "over pre-spray" a carpet and capets that are pre-sprayed heavier dry faster than lightly pre-sprayed carpets. A pump up sprayer sprays with quite a bit of physical labor and only sprays at 20 to 45 psi, while the injection sprayer sprays at the pressure your carpet cleaning extractor can spray at.
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