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    Question: Also looking in my house I notice it would be difficult to access the dryer plug, Do you find People do not like having to move clients Dryers out to get access to power? seems clients may not like that idea either and if you were not careful you could scratch or damage something.

    Answer: Many homes that have electric dryer plugs also have electric stove plugs. I do not like moving the dryer in fear of scratching the customers floor. Instead I would to the pot and pan storage drawer (under the oven), pull the drawer out until it stops, then lift the drawer out. You will find the electric oven plug there. We sell two more adapters for the both kinds of oven plugs. They are currently $55 each.

    220 Volt Converts 4 Prong 30 amp to 3, SBM220 30 4X, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Steambrite MFG, Used to converter 4 prong 30 amp electric clothes drier or similar to 3 prong electric drier receptical. Note User assumes all responsi...