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  • pro start ?

    I was wondering what the specs are on the vaccume (lift & cfm) and how hot will in run during cleaning at 300-500 psi, & how hot for tile cleaning at 1000 psi? Also is it possable to have the larger blower size put on and how much extra would that be? Thanks

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    ProStart Truckmount

    The ProStart truckmount carpet and upholstery cleaning machine can product up to 270 cfm or 14" of mercury lift. The temp of the water is based on the size of the jets and the amount of water you process through the heat exchanger. 200 degree of heat is normal with carpet cleaning but tile cleaning you usually are pulling the trigger all the time so the depending on weather you are using a single jet tile wand (like the Ractor Classic or Raptor, or Crok-o-tile) or a multi-jeted tool will deturmin the heat. Single jet tool 180 degrees, while a spinner sytle tool (like the Typhoon, SX-12, RedLine, or TurboForce TH40) would would only get 140 degrees. Larger vacuum blower are not possible. Rather you would need to purchase the Scout 20 HP with the 36 Blower.
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      Re: The ProStart

      Trust me when I tell you, a 33 blower is plenty of vacuum for a single wand residential and light commercial machine. You can't beat the price and value of the prostart. I think they are the perfect franchise fleet machine. Simple to operate, and ample power to get the job done.