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  • Pick 1 out of the 3....

    I'm looking to buy a TM but not sure which 1 to get....All these machines are around $7000.

    15 HP Scout from Steam Brite

    15 HP Panther from Chem-tex

    15 HP Inferno from Amtex

    I would love to hear what you guys have to say. ALSO if there is another TM for around $7000 please let me know!!!!!

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    Steambrite VS Chemtex VS Amtex

    Naturally I would like you to purchase our machine instead of the competition. I will tell you that in the 30 year history of SteamBrite we used to sell Chemtex machines for about 15 years. We quit because out customers informed us that the factory would not honor any warranties. They have a disclaimer on their warranty paperwork that states if you ever use any cleaner that they do not manufacture, this will void the warranty. After numerous complaints we had to drop this line of equipment. I do not know if this is still the case, but just two years ago I read a copy and it was still on the warranty documentation. As far as AmTex equipment, Ben and I are friends and his equipment and mine are quite similar and we have worked together on many projects to make both his and our equipment simple, easy to buy, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. You will find that SteamBrite is a much larger supplier and is capable of producing a more diversified quote to include air duct cleaning equipment, tile cleaning equipment, and lower interest rates on financing.


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      Hey Don,
      Thanks for the fast response. So your saying that the Scout and the Inferno are about the same unit. Do they have about the same CFMs? Does the scout 15 hp have a 36 blower on it? I know chem-Tex unit have about 285 CFMs. Also does the scout or the inferno have last step chemical injection like the Chem-Tex's panther? Thanks


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        Re: Chemtex

        I don't know about the Steambrite units, but I will tell you that on the Chemtex units their has always been a problem controlling the heat due to the lack of a diverter valve (naturally you cannot expect a diverter valve to be engineered into a $7000.00 machine). On those units, if you stop triggering the wand for an extended period of time, the heat will build up to a point where the safety sensor will shut the machine down. I think Amtex has gotten around this problem by offering a specially made bypass wand which is fine if you're only cleaning carpet. However, once you put on a standard stair tool or upholstery tool you'd better be quick and keep moving the tool.


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          bypass wands

          All the Steambrite truckmounts have a bypass ball valve installed on the front of the machine so you can trickel a small amount of water all the time through the heat exchangers on non bypass stair and upholstery wands.