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bad choices "on the QT" and carpet cleaner ethics

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  • bad choices "on the QT" and carpet cleaner ethics

    If you own a truck mounts service company, and if you had a customer that did not like how much you charged them to unlock a roots blower that they allowed it to rust together so they asked one of your employees to "do it on the side" in order for the employee to make more money and the customer to save some money. This is a form of company theft, or stealing a customer.

    If you own an equipment design company and you are selling a finished product to an end user and your company sales rep, shop foreman, or assembler take it upon themselves to fill orders from their home using your designs, your ideas, converting customers from your shop to home sales -is a form of theft.

    If you where either a subcontractor or an employee of a carpet cleaning company cleaning a house and the home owner asked "how much do you charge to clean the dining room chairs?" You give them the price. The the home owner ask "no, how much do YOU charge?" as to mean out side the company you work for. You might be able to make more money for yourself and save the customer some money. This is a form of theft.

    If you where either a subcontractor or an employee of a carpet cleaning company that is in the middle of cleaning a house and the next door neighbor comes over and want to have their carpet cleaned too. Some cleaners think it is OK to "self justify" "I will clean the next door and keep all the money." The only reason you are at the first home is the advertising dollars or reputation of the company that hired you. The next door neighbor job needs to be serviced under the same company name that took you to the first job.

    If you are a carpet cleaner as either as an employee or a subcontractor and the company you work for, and had you clean a job site. Then when you are finished, you give the customer your phone number direct so you can perform the next job "on the side." Stealing customers is is a form of theft.

    If you own a carpet cleaning chemical manufacturing company and one of the carpet cleaners come to purchase some of your cleaning supply but ask an employee that mixes the cleaners in the back shop to either make some chemicals at his home or to provide you with a formula of one of the chemicals they like to purchase. This is a form of theft.

    If you provide services of web page design and hosting and one of your customers or vendors asked one of your employees to do a job from the home or off the clock falls in the same category as the situations listed above. Each of the situation listed above involves two people tiring to keep the sale "on the QT." To circumvent or keeping everything on "above board," "on the up and up." or the most legal and rebuttal way of performing business. In each case listed above both the customer and employee/sub self justify their actions. For what ever reasons they put in their own mind they continue to think that they are not doing anything wrong but it is a form of theft. What each situation has in common is that the first contact of the customer on the worker are mutually met through the employer but the employer is no longer standing in the room or in the middle of the phone call.

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