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    Hi Ken, my porty has a 1 & 1/2 port to connect vac hose to--my new vac booster has 2 inch ports if i run two 50 ft vac hose sections with booster in middle should i use a 2 inch hose from machine to booster then 1 & 1/2 inch hose from booster to machine or 2 inch all the way or 1 & 1/2 all the way--what combination will give me the best suction/lift/cfm or whatever, your opinion will help me decide before i got out and buy any new vac hose's
    my porty has two 3 stage vac motors connected in parallel if that helps at all it is the solus 500 by US Products
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    If you have 1-1/2" port on the front of the machine, then you might as well run 1-1/2" between the booster and the extractor. The maximum cfm you can pull through 1.5" is is just over 200 cfm so the parallel mount is already maxing out the hose. When you add a vacuum booster in front of the hose, then you should consider using 2" hose between the booster and the wand. Use as much 2" hose as possible and then the last 8 to 15 ft use 1.5" leader for flexibility.


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      Thanks to ken

      Hey Ken thanks for your quick helpful reply to my question.