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  • Some advise please

    Using a porty with 2 3stage vac mtrs mounted in parralle with 1.5inch port on machine will changing the port on machine to two inch improve my general suction at all, is it worth it or not, i also have a vac booster that already has two inch ports, generally will only use the vac booster to avoid taking machine up stairs and to be able to run a longer hose without loosing any suction power, in fact i will gain more suction with the vac booster
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    change the vacuum port to 2" ID on carpet cleaning machine

    everyone who has made the change to 2" vac port tells me that it make a huge difference.


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      Donald ,that Shazaam: Vacuum booster lid won't work on my machine, (I wish it would) my porty has a screw on lid and the way my porty is it wouldn't fit I have the solus 500R from US products you can view a pic of on the website to see what i mean, unless there is something to change my screw in lid with that other black lid needed to use the kit
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        2" hose vs 1.5" vacuum hose for carpet cleaning

        The 2" port can be installed on the screw in lid style too. We supply a cap to seal off the original 1.5" port. You would need to us a hose mount vacuum booster like the Mytee 7503
        or the Kleenrite