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  • advice on best portable

    I will soon be looking to get a second portable--So, which machine will have the best suction, plan on running 75 Foot of hose max-needs to have at least 500psi pump--needs to have good heat and good sized recovery tank I guess at least 13 gal--and 2inch port on machine--so far i've been considering a cross american recoil--the goliath-maybe the eclips--powerflite black max with perfect heat-- or maybe one of the titan machines

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    Cross American Recoil VS Goliath VS Black Max

    We sell all the machines you mention except for the Titan. As far as electric machines (Titan is gas powered) you will notice that Black Max
    uses the 1.5" vacuum port that atomaticly reduces performace but works fine at 75 ft but offers hotter water. The standard cross american recoil
    is dual 3 stage + a 2 stage booster = 8 stages of vacuum and cleaning performace is close to the same as the Goliath except the water pressure sucks from the fresh tank and then pushes the pressure down the hose. The Goliath offers higher inches of lift and higher water pressure (faster stoking on carpet) than the Recoil becaused of the Goliath water faucet direct connect feature. The Recoil vacuums are all in tandum and the Goliath are set up in two series pair (balanced vacuum). The balance vacuum is the recomemded layout from Ametec Lamb Corp for best vacuum perfance. Using the Vacuumm Unit figures (max inches of lift X max CFM) Recoil is 90" X 300 = 27,000 vacuum units. Goliath is 170" X 250 = 42,500 vacuum units. This means could dry carpet up to 33% faster than the Recoil but since the water pressure will be about 25% harder/stronger on the Goliath they will dry about the same. The Eclispe Machine (on this website as the Whisper extractor)
    is manufactured by TMI. This machine also is availible with with either 3 or 4 two stage vacuum motors but all the vacuum motors are mount in series. The inches of lift stated by the factory is a is not truthfull. Please note that if you have 4 vacuum motors in seriers each preceding vacuum motor only performs at 75% of the vacuum motor in front of it. For example if a 2 stage vacuum motor can produce 90" of lift X 75% = boost of 67.5" + 90" of the first = 157.7". The third vacuum is 75% of 67.5" = 50.63", and the 4th vacuum is 75% of 50.63" = 37.97". So add them up 4 two stage in series at sea level 90" + 67.5" + 50.63" + 37.97" = 246.1" of lift at full restriction (0 cfm) Using the Vacuum Unit comparison 246.1" X 100 cfm = 24,510 vacuum units. This will try carpet worse than both the Goliath and the Recoil.
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      Thanks for the info Don, so the recoil has 8 stages of vac via 2 three stage and one 2 stage all of which are connected in parralle-so none of them connected in series? and do you know what kind of vac motor is in there power booster their website only says it adds 100 CFM's of Air-Flow and/or up to 137" of water lift.. and does this booster connect directly to there extractor or in-line with the vac hose--also do you think the recoil and there power booster together would out perform the goliath at least in the "suction department"


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        Goliath VS Cross American recoil

        The exterior vacuum booster is hose mount (as opposed to machine mount and posterior mount). This means that the only the CFM (cubic feet per min. is increased and not the inches of lift). In our testing we always found the maximum inches of lift is only the weakest in the parallel group. For example lets take four vacuum motor of different inches of lift. Say two are three stage (137") and two are two stage (90" to 100") The maximum inches of lift is only 100 inches. What happens is the weaker vacuum motors cannot keep up with the stronger ones. Their system with dual booster is impressive. This would be three power cords, 10+ stages of vacuum, up to 400 cfm and up to 100" of lift (40,000 vacuum units as compared to 42,500 vacuum units with the Goliath) I do not feel this is a good comparison because you are asking to compare a dual booster system to another machine only. Where do you stop. That is like asking what would it be like to compare the Two Goliaths VS the Cross American Dual vacuum booster system. The Goliath would have 8 vacuum motors and the Cross American with 4 vacuum motors.
        All the Cross American equipment is availible through this website at a discount.
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