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  • Which porty is best

    I have narrowed my search for a new porty to this--which do you think will be the best
    Mytee 1003dx--1005dx--M3---M5 or Titan Mojave x3 with three 3 stage vac mtrs connected in series & parrallel 500 psi pump, pumpout & autofill with chem meter included, however no heat I do want a machine with heat--and be able to run at least 100 ft of vac hose--guess I could always get an in-line heater if I had too--thanks for any input from anybody

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    Titan Mojave x3

    First of all, please note that Ken Harris that operates Aqua-Max, TurboTeck, and was paid $10,044.50 by our company to fill orders and only partially did. Even after several years of waiting, he is yet to complete all our orders. My concern is, if he is not a changed person, you could send your money to another country and never receive your goods. 2nd issue: Mytee makes this housing (see the Breeze stamped on the side) and no knowledge to the manufacture of the internal guts. Our factory rep is going to research this. Who is going to honor the warranty if you develop an issue? Did you know that when you take two vacuum motors in series and place one vacuum motor in parallel to them the performance is the weaker of the two sides of the parallel. In other words, Normally when you place two 3 stage vacs in series you would get about 210" of lift but because you have one vacuum motor in parallel the performs is going to be less in inches of left but more in cfm. It is like a waste of amp draw, machine weight, and a third vacuum. Another concern is the electrical soderless connectors are made with vinyl instead of nylon. The vinyl or for use with 12 volts and nylon are for high temps like 120 volts. I am sure they will get all black and burnt in no time. I would like to run some test on this machine but I need to find out who Mytee is shipping these housings to. Please note that adding heat is going to add a third power cord or you could use a machine with a heat exchanger (like the Goliath) The heat exchangers just use the exhaust of the vacuum motors to boost the water temp without extra electricity.