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Does SteamBrite Drop Ship or Ship From San Antonio?

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  • Does SteamBrite Drop Ship or Ship From San Antonio?

    Answer: Here in San Antonio, TX we have a 12,000 sq ft warehouse and have over 350 pallets of products in the building. If you ever visit, we use every inch of this building for it is stuffed with equipment, parts, and chemicals. We have the largest inventory of carpet cleaning supplies in South Texas with over a $1,000,000 in product in the building at all times.
    We sell over 100,000 different items, but only 10,000 items are currently listed on our websites (new items added daily). We ship from both San Antonio, TX as well has from hundreds of factories from from around the country. We stock items in San Antonio that have the best reputation and selling history. Some items are dropped shipped if they are expensive to double ship (once to us and then back out to you). Some factories require double shipping, other do not. Some will offer free shipping to us, others do not. We are constantly working on getting the best prices with different factories and shipping companies to save our customers money. Depending on the item you order, it could be dropped shipped or shipped from San Antonio, TX. If items arrive damaged, a shipping claim is made so the item is repaired or replaced. Take for example if you order a Shurflo pump. This factory does not allow for drop shipping so we order pumps by the pallet and then ship them from San Antonio, TX. If you order a weird or not often ordered repair part, we would have the item dropped shipped. Some portables are dropped shipped because we sell over 600 different models and we stock about 50 in our building. At any given time will will have an average of over 600 air movers in the building, 100 dehumidifiers, over a dozen truckmounts, 50 portables, 200 water pumps, 1000 vacuum motors, 50 rotary floor machines, hundreds of air duct cleaning attachments, over 100 different rotary floor brushes and attachments, over 50 pallets of chemicals, and thousands of small parts.
    All equipment is brand new and comes with a full factory warranty
    You can also add an extra 2 or 4 years to the factory 1 year warranty.

    Are you looking for the lowest price on Name Brand Carpet Cleaning Machines or Truck Mount Equipment? Steam Brite has the Largest Selection of Air Duct, Steam Carpet Cleaners and Truckmount Equipment. and - Steambrite
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