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Shade and color warranted?

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  • Shade and color warranted?

    QUESTION: Would you have any of the blue Mytee ST-4 shampoo tanks left? I do not wish to buy the white one. Thank you!

    ANSWER: Mytee does not stamp the color or label the outside of the box with what color they provided us. The default color is BLUE but neither SteamBrite or Mytee warranted color. We will be glad to note on your invoice in large bold letters to have the shipping department open your box and check color before they ship it but this is not a 100% guarantee it will be blue. To start 99.99% of all the tanks Mytee makes are blue to start off with. The reason for the white photo is even on the website is because during the initial promotion of this item, they where in white. As far as I now we only have Blue in stock.

    In summary, as far as I know blue is the only color we have, the default color is blue in production, we will mark the invoice to ship blue only, but their is a 1 in a 1000 chance that you end up with white we will not correct this issue because ultimately we do not warranty color or shade. Think about it how many times do you think a customer would complain that the blue color is not the correct shade because it does not match their Drieaz Blue fans or Powerflite Blue fans or what ever a customer dreams up...

    Believe it or not, I once a customer see a gallon of soap on our website in a blue plastic bottle and then we shipped the exact same chemical in a white plastic bottle and it generated a complaint even though the functionality of the product was the same. The only difference was the packaging or the color of the plastic. This was an example of the customer is not always right.

    Mytee ST-4 Shampoo Tank
    Drieaz air movers
    Powerflite air movers
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    I think the customers are confused about the lebel of the gallons. That is why they are complaining about the matter. Therefore changing the lebel of the gallons is a good idea to avoid customer complains.
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