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faster pre-spraying for carpet cleaning

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  • faster pre-spraying for carpet cleaning

    Question: I recently purchased a Goliath flood pumper, along with a Pumptec Water Otter. I am quite pleased with there performance, save the problem caused by not having a solution tank i.e. having to spray my solution down with a sprayer. It is this one draw back more than any other that I wish to some how remedy. Please ell me if you have any possible solutions or suggestions, such as possible alternatives to traditional pump sprayers.
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    Answer: The water otter can be used to suck out of a bucket, a bath tub, or fresh water toilet tank. It does not perform as well but it will do it.
    Most of our customer prespray with the injection sprayer AS08 hooked to your pressure pump.
    HydroForce AS08 Injection Sprayer Pro High Pressure Sprayer Thick Walled Jug 2 Caps Lance Mount For Carpet Cleaning FREE Shipping, AS08, Sprayer, Parts & Accessories, by HydroForce, Hydro-Force Sprayer AS08 Hydro-Force sprayers connect to your pres...

    I would recommend a separate jug for each chemical you like to spray.
    These injection sprayers are designed to work at 400 psi but can be used from 60 to 600 psi.
    These sprayers can meter your solutions at either 1 to 4 or 1 to 8 dilution ratio.
    You can even hook this sprayer to building pressure at 65 psi. but at the lower pressure you are supposed to set the injection spray to spray at 1 to 4 by removing the yellow metering tip.
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    You are quite pleased with your tools. Thanks nice post.
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      The first stage of the carpet cleaning system is a thorough Dry Pre-Vacuum. Pre-Vacuuming gets rid of up to 80% of the loose dust and grit held in the carpet. It removes dust that is hard to eliminate once damp. Failure to begin with this first basic step can mean that this dirt is never properly removed. Sometimes people say that after they had either had their carpets cleaned or did it themselves the carpet seamed to get dirtier quicker. It could be that this loose dust and grit was not removed with a dry vacuum prior to wetting the carpets. If so it will eventually work its was to the top of the carpet giving the appearance of getting dirtier quicker.
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        There are many carpet cleaning machines , also called a carpet steam cleaner or carpet steamer, is sometimes also confused with other types of steam cleaners, as well as steam mops and hard floor steam cleaners.
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          Many of machines call the carpet steamer, which is helpful for advanced performance, fast drying, wool safe approved carpet & upholstery prespray.
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