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Shorten the portable Decontamination shower

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  • Shorten the portable Decontamination shower

    Question: Abatement Technologies: Modular Decontamination Shower w/ non-corrosion aluminum frame. [S4000EU]
    Abatement Technologies Modular Decontamination Shower w non-corrosion aluminum frame., S4000EU, Accessories, Equipment Restoration, by Abatement Technologies,       Print Brochure EASY UP S4000EU Collapsible Decontamination Shower P...

    I'd thinking about using this shower enclosure in a cargo trailer. But the inside trailer height is only about 6 feet. Could this unit be shortend by just cutting the support pipes? Would this interfere with the plumbing in the lid? I assume the shower curtain could be trimmed at the bottom.
    Thanks in advance

    Answer: The factory does not make any custom changes on these unless you want to purchase a bunch of them (like two dozen). You would have to purchase the shower and then customize it at your own shop. I personally do not see why you cannot do what you want to do with it, but personally have never made this customer change for a local customer.