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Goliath with 6.6 vacuum motors in 240 volts

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  • Goliath with 6.6 vacuum motors in 240 volts

    Question: hi did you check for me it will be possible to build the Goliath / compleate heat / on 230v with this new motors or may be two from the new one and two old one or just 3 new motors , you have an idea because you build the machine.
    my point is to use this new motors if you think they have best performance over the regular ones.
    and witch power wand on 230v you will recommend me for this machine especially for dirty commercial carpets
    and some residential carpets.
    and good ultra flow wand / two or four jets- if you think it's better /.
    and how do you send the staff oversees , do I have to arrange delivery or you can do it for me

    Answer: The engineer for the Goliath machine is out of the country for the next two weeks. I have no way to provide an instant answer for you on the Goliath made in 6.6 motors in 240 volts.
    For an example of a high flow wand that is 14" wide with glide visit

    This is a jetless wand, rather more of a spray bar style. Because the Goliath is 'pressure feed' and auto dump, and with four vacuum motors makes it the only portable on the market that can run a wand like this. Please note because of the higher flow rates will take the water temperature down to a lower temperature just like a power wand does.

    The water flow on a traditional wand is controlled by the jet size for example a two jet wand with 02 jets will supply the same water flow as a four jet wand with 01 jets. The number of jets does not represent water flow rather the total of all the jet numbers added together.

    We can only offer the Rotovac 360i in 240 volts and the RX20 in 240 volts. The Goliath can operate either of these two power wands.

    We offer international shipping by air and ocean both to the door and to the air port or ocean port.

    What is a power wand?

    Complete Heat Portable

    Rotovac VS RX20 wand:

    Example of top quality 4 jet wand: