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Donald, I just can't believe the type of service!

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  • Donald, I just can't believe the type of service!

    This is to let you know, every time I call steam-brite, there is a guy who is not friendly at all. I think his name is John, (I know is not Ken, Sandy or you) he answered me 3 times. First time I wanted to buy a little giant 3ht, and zero help from him and lost the sale, then I called again and Sandy sold me the 3 ht, then I called for a couple more stuff, and when he answers I straight ask him for Sandy or Ken. but even like that he is just nasty, he doesn't want to help. When Sandy or Ken weren't available, I asked him if he can help me, he said "depends", just right there is clear he doesn't want to help.
    How can I come back to buy stuff, when the service from this guy is terrible?

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    phone call.

    Super SORRY about that. I worked right next to John for years and never heard any issue like that. I thinking it might be Chris or me (I hope not...) I am actually at a loss what to tell you. Chis is an ex-military type and likes to get right to the point. No mush or no fluff. Everything is right to the point. I do not think it is rude rather just not soften statements. Either way, sorry about the experience.


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      well 3 times is a lot. whoever answered at 4:35 pm central time
      Not only that, i heard same thing from one more person.
      If he was in the military, maybe he should be working as a security, but you need somebody who can sell.
      Good Luck!
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