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Goliath heat exchanger VS Black max Carpet Cleaning machine

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  • Goliath heat exchanger VS Black max Carpet Cleaning machine

    Question: In the Goliath, is the muffler-heater before or after the pump?
    If it is before, i could damage the pump if i feed the machine with say 130f water? Right?

    Answer: The heat exchanger is before the pump but also has part number 7585 installed before the pump.
    This discharges any water that is over 140 degrees to the waste tank with auto dump. In other words the sensor controls the pace of the water through the heat exchanger.
    The air that passes through the heat exchanger is 180 degree F after 5 minutes of warm up/use. The average inbound water temperature from a customer hot water is 110 degree F.
    The average temperature rise of the heat exchanger water is 30 degrees (even without the safety sensor) after the exhaust air is at 180 degrees F.
    The seals on the pump are rated for over 140 degrees so this design is safe for pump seals. The Complete Heat Goliath model has an additional 1750 watt electric heater that operates on a 3rd 15 amp power cord and will provide an additional 20 to 25 degree rise. Because the Goliath is pressure feed it also starts off 10 degree F hotter than suction feed portables as the water does not sit in a fresh water tank cooling down. Heat exchanger Goliaths clean at a consistent 140 degrees and Complete Heat Goliaths clean at a consistent 165 degrees.
    The Goliath heat exchanger model performs as well or better as standard electric heated portables but uses no electricity to accomplish the heat. The heat exchanger models us the electricity to provide larger vacuum and auto dump system and just reclaim the exhaust to heat the water.

    Lets compare the Powrflite Black Max VS Goliath Heat exchanger
    I pick this model because out of the electric heated models this is the one that is the hottest.
    Black max 20 amp vacuum, Goliath 30 amp vacuum
    Black max and Goliath use the same Pumptec 500 psi pump with a recommended use pressure of 450 psi.
    Black Max manual fill and dump, Goliath Automatic fill and dump
    Black Max heating system is ambient heat exchanger of copper coils under the hood + 1750 watt heater on a suction feed system
    Black Max Water flow: sink 110 degrees > solution tank now 100 degrees > Pump > copper coils +20 degrees = 120 degrees > electric heater +20 degrees = 140 degrees
    (as a side note the Black Max is marketed as a 2000 watt heater but the electric meter reads 1750 watts with testing it, so you will have to decide for yourself if you want to believe the marketing material or the meter as far as the true wattage)
    Goliath exhaust heat exchanger unit starts 110 degrees and finishes at a true 140 degrees.
    Both machines consume the same amount to total power consumption (about 4050 watts of power), but the Goliath dries the carpet 50% faster and cleans faster as you have no lost time filling or manual draining of the machine. Please note we do offer auto fill and dump option with all make and models of machines for about $750 more. To convert the Black Max to pressure auto fill will also increase its water temperature to 150. Also note that electric heater that are installed in portables can heat the water to 200 degree F but my example above in based on aggressive cleaning. With small flow cleaning, say upholstery cleaning the Black Max heat exchanger will start providing more heat than the Goliath.

    Black Max
    Discontinued by factory in Nov 2021.

    Heat exchanger Goliath

    Complete Heat Goliath

    Pumptec Pump

    Convert machine to auto fill and dump
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