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Max temperature for a Clean Storm Electric Heater

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  • Max temperature for a Clean Storm Electric Heater

    Question: Can you tell me what the maximum temperature is that the clean storms are capable of heating to? Thanks.

    Answer: The thermostats are designed to turn the water temperature off at 210 degree F. In other words with the 32 oz of water in the heater reaches 210 degrees it turns off. Once you start cleaning again, it turns itself back on again.
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    This is the same heater that is installed under the hood of a Clean Storm portable carpet cleaning extractor. All these heaters heat the water after if passes through the pump. In other words the flow of water: Fresh tank or direct connect > pressure pump > in line heater (whether internal or external). None of the in line electric heaters heat the water in the fresh tank, rather they heat the water as it is passing through the heater. The temperature rise is based on the flow through the heater. Example an upholstery want would expect a 50 degree rise, carpet cleaning a 25 degree rise, power wands 10 degree rise.

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