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Mytee Turbo 240- Heater VS the Clean Storm 2000 Watt Heater.

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  • Mytee Turbo 240- Heater VS the Clean Storm 2000 Watt Heater.

    Dear sir. I received your price for the clean storm hot box 2000. What my query is, is out of the clean storm 2000 watt and the mytee 240-240 portable, which will produce more heat? I need an inline heater that produces more heat. Could you advise which of the 2 is better for me or if in fact there is a better Heater out there. Can u also build a clean storm hot box volcano 3600 for me for 230volt usage?
    Regards Peter.

    Answer: the Mytee unit is 2400 watts while the Clean Storm is 2000 watts. This means in low water consumption rates the temperatures are the same as they use the same thermostats that shut off the heaters at 100 degree C. During high flow uses the Mytee consumes and uses more electricity so it would offer a larger temperature rise than the 2000 watt heater. The advantage to the Clean Storm heater is the easy to work on or fix when you have too. They Mytee unit is a spaghetti bowl of wires...
    The 3600 watt Volcano would out heat the Mytee 2400 watt heater because it uses more electricity. Power consumption is king. The 3600 watt heater can be built in 230 volts too.

    Mytee turbo 240-

    Volcano Heaters

    Volcano 3600 Watt heater
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