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Carpet Cleaning 220 psi pump and 1800 watt heater in 240 volts

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  • Carpet Cleaning 220 psi pump and 1800 watt heater in 240 volts

    Question: Hello guys, hope you having a good day.
    Am interested in buying all in one in line heater and 220psi pump.
    I live in the UK so we have 240v and 32amp in total per circuit breaker, so i was wondering what's the maximum watts can you build in one system.
    The average house in the UK has two or more 32amp circuit breakers .
    So what can you guys build for us in the UK? also how much it'll cost plus shipping of course .
    Many thanks

    Answer: The formula for amp draw is volts X amps = watts so in your case 240 X 32 = 7680 watts per breaker. You are never supposed to pull more than 80% of of this, or 6144 watts. You have to realize that this is then further divided up between half of all the outlets in your home and we have to consider the power cord from the pump/heater to the wall and the gauge of wire inside your walls. Typically customers use a 12-3 X 25 power cord which is rated for 1875 watts. 1875 divided by 240 volts = 7.81 amps. After listening to all this math, this does not change anything other than you just need to purchase the 240 volt version of this system. The Volcano 1800-220 already uses 1875 watts of power regardless of the voltage. I would suggest that we make the unit with a 12-3 cord coming out of the box and the male plug will be cut off. You will have to install your own male plug at your location. Your prices today for this build is $1098.08 + shipping (please provide your postal code for a shipping rate). The other change is the notification lights might be different or even have to be removed.

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