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Help, my Mytee 2400 watt turbo heater is tripping breakers

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  • Help, my Mytee 2400 watt turbo heater is tripping breakers

    Question: Hello. I have a Mytee Hot Turbo. Do you sell some kind of splitter that would allow the MHT to be plugged into 2 separate circuits.. (in order to avoid tripping the breakers?)

    Answer: Yes, we have several different types of electrical splitters / converters that allow you to plug into an electrical dryer plug.
    These are perfect for high amp draw equipment that normally trip standard wall outlets. The unit we recommend for the Mytee Hot Turbo is this one.
    Plus more options at

    Please note the problem is really with the design of the heater as 2400 watts is an odd number of wattage group of combination.
    The formula is wattage divided by volts = amps
    In this case Mytee Turbo 2400 watts divided by 120 = 20 amps. So even a 20 amp breaker is going to get hot and shut off in the middle of a job that is over an hour long.
    So the heater does have an option to turn off one of the four heaters that drops it to 1800 watts.
    1800 divided by 120 volts = 15 amps. So now if you land in a 15 amp breaker (14 awg internal wall wiring) this too will trip but will not trip the 20 amp breaker.
    So if you trip the 15 amp breaker so you now turn off one more switch and the heater drops to a 10 amp heater (not too hot...)

    Because of this the best group of heaters wattage is 2000 watt. 2000 divided by 120 = 16.66 amp. Runs cool on a 20 amp breaker through the entire job.
    1750 amp heater / 14.58 amps.
    Example: Volcano 2000
    Volcano 1750 (works everywhere since it is under 15 amps)

    Or dual 15 amp breakers / 3500 watts.
    The above heater will work on either a single 15 amp, dual 15 amp, single 20 amp, or dual 20 amp breakers.

    Now the other way to look at your question, is there a way to hook a single 20 amp draw appliance into two standard 120 volt Nema 5-15R or Nema 5-20R receptacles?
    NO This is not possible. When you join two 120 volt outlets, this makes 240 volts at 20 amps.
    Please visit
    Electric converter Reverse6-20R
    The above is an example of such a device.

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