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NorthStar 157495: 350,000 btu water heater for pressure washing, Tile Cleaning Questi

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  • NorthStar 157495: 350,000 btu water heater for pressure washing, Tile Cleaning Questi

    NorthStar 157495: 350,000 btu water heater for pressure washing, Tile Cleaning, and carpet cleaning [157495]
    1. Is a diesel burner safe? Will it explode or anything weird?
    2. How exactly does that specific burner work? Owners manual I can preview?
    3. It will be used for heating water for truck mount carpet cleaning,
    I am aware of needing the low flow switch, is there anything else I
    need in order for it to operate?
    4. The description says there is no pump on the unit, is that needed
    for carpet cleaning?
    5. Is there an installation guide for connecting it to the truckmount?
    6. I am in Oregon, zip code is 97477, how long does the shipping take?
    7. What kind of maintenance does it need to have in order to keep it
    in optimal condition?

    1. Yes, it is safe as long as you follow the manufactures instructions.
    2. Owners manual is located on webpage.
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    3. Rust Bleeder hose
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    4. Yes, whether you are using for pressure washing , carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, you have to feed this heater with water from a pump. I have not tried to used this heater by pressure feeding from building water pressure, but I expect it would work too.
    5. No but the unit already includes a 4 ft jumper hose. You would have to add your own coupler.
    6. One to two weeks.
    7. Descale the heater once a month with a truckmount descaler.

    You also have to change the fuel filter.
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    Little Giant Height pressure water heater questions

    Thanks for the answers Donald. I do have a question about the "Little
    Giant 3HT 120,000 BTU Propane Heater (High Pressure) AX43HP Basic
    Starter Package Propane Hose [AX43HP]". Some what similar questions as

    1. does it need a low flow switch?
    2. How does it work, is it like a water heater that fills with water
    or heat it up in a line?
    3. Shipping time, 97477 zip code?
    4. Maintenance?
    5. What kind of constant flow can it handle before you run it cold? I
    assume running 1000 psi with a tile spinner would probably do it, but
    mainly I will use for carpet cleaning with no more than probably a 10
    flow wand.
    6. In regards to staying hot under constant flow, is there a
    difference in performance between the 3ht and 4ht in that regard?
    Thank you for your help with answers to my questions!

    1. None of the Little Giant branded heaters use a flow switch. These are all temperature controlled only.
    2. The water heater is filled with copper tubing all coiled up. This is similar to the 4000 psi heater except these are filled with steel pipe all coiled up.
    Their is no tank of water. Please note that water pressure is figured in psi (pounds per square inch). If I have a heater that is larger than 1/2" across you would have lots of internal tank wall pressure because lots of square inches.
    3. The little giant heaters cost about $200 to ship.
    4. The propane jets get clogged with propane tarter. These have to be cleaned once a year with a torch tip cleaning kit. The coils still have to be descaled monthly if you are not using soft water.
    5. The propane units, especially with a 10 flow wand, never shut off while cleaning. This is different than a 380,000 BTU flame that is so huge that even while cleaning the heater will have periods of not heating since the coils are already so hot the temperature control is not allowing it to light./burn. 120,000 BTU will keep up with carpet cleaning and single wand tile cleaning fine. The larger 380,000 BTU system provides enough heat to operate two wands tile cleaning at the same time.
    6. 3HT (120,000 BTU) and 4HT (180,000 BTU) only make a difference in high flow applications. If you are going to use a 10 flow wand, I would recommend you consider the 4HTHP so you are assured the heater can keep up.
    Please note all the Little Giant heaters are made from copper, but the wall thickness of the coil changes. 600 psi rated (low pressure), 1500 psi rated (hight pressure), or 2300 psi rated (extreme pressure).

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