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Best Fuel Fired Heater for Cross american 8.4

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  • Best Fuel Fired Heater for Cross american 8.4

    Questions: Hi I am using Cross american 8.4 portable carpet cleaning machine.
    I want to add a heater on my setup. I just do not know should I go for Little giant or Hydrotek. I feel Hydrotek is more safer.
    What do you recommend to buy? and I live in New Zealand and we have 230v here.
    Many thanks Jin

    Answer: The Hydrotek unit requires a 1 gallon per minute flow to light the burner and the water temp has to be below the setting. The Little Giant does not require flow and lights anytime the inside of the water heater is below the temp setting.
    The pump inside the Jaguar is a Pumptec 207v
    1.2 gpm un-restriced. I expect with jet/nozzles the flow will fall under 1 gpm and the Hydrotek will NOT work.
    To risky that far away to fix.
    I do have a replacement flow switch rated at 1/2 gpm if you want to switch out the Hydrotek flow switch for the one below.