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NorthStar 157495 for carpet cleaning?

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  • NorthStar 157495 for carpet cleaning?

    Questions: NorthStar 157495: 350,000 btu water heater for pressure washing, Tile Cleaning, and carpet cleaning
    I am wanting to get some information about the item listed in the
    subject line. If you could please respond with answers to the
    following questions, it would be appreciated. I am wanting to move on
    this quickly so a fast response is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Is a diesel burner safe? Will it explode or anything weird?
    2. How exactly does that specific burner work? Owners manual I can preview?
    3. It will be used for heating water for truck mount carpet cleaning,
    I am aware of needing the low flow switch, is there anything else I
    need in order for it to operate?
    4. The description says there is no pump on the unit, is that needed
    for carpet cleaning?
    5. Is there an installation guide for connecting it to the truckmount?
    6. I am in Oregon, zip code is 97477, how long does the shipping take?
    7. What kind of maintenance does it need to have in order to keep it
    in optimal condition?
    Please let me know as I am very interested and if this is the burner I
    will be getting, I would like to order soon. Thank you for your help!

    1. Out of the different fuels that are used, example propane, natural gas, and diesel/kerosene. These are the safest to use.
    2. Owners manual is posted on the webpage.
    As long as water is in motion above 1 gallon per minute, and the temperature is less than the setting on the dial, and you have it plugged into 115 volts, the fuel will light and whatever the temperature you have set will be met in about 30 seconds.
    3. This unit comes with a factory installed flow switch set at 1 gpm. If you want 1/2 gpm, we offer this as a self install or dealer install option.
    4. Usually a pump is used for carpet cleaning. This can be electric, or gasoline. But I do think it is possible to convert this heater to high flow extraction and just use building supplied hot water. I have not tried this but I am sure it is possible. We also sell systems with pumps installed in both electric and gasoline.
    as well as many others...
    5. Please note that the factory is quite clear that these are to be used for pressure washing only and not for carpet cleaning. This statement is true with all pressure washing equipment but please also note that hundreds if not thousands are already in service in the carpet cleaning world. In fact if you ever develop a warranty issue and tell Northern tools you are using in a carpet cleaning environment, you will no longer have a warranty. So, no the factory is not going to provide any documentation on how to convert their equipment into a carpet cleaning machine. The main thing is you will need a rust beeder
    and a high flow wand to uses 1 gpm or more. Normally this means a 4 jet wand or just changing the jets/nozzles on a 2 jet wand to be a larger size.
    example 5 to 6 flow rate is recommended.
    6. One week.
    7. You have to descale this unit every 30 days.
    You also should keep and extra fuel filter with as this is the #1 reason for the unit not to fire is a dirty fuel filter.