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Prochem 2000 Watt Heater issues

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  • Prochem 2000 Watt Heater issues

    I am completely dissatisfied with this the ProChem 2000 Inline heater recently purchased from SteamBrite. We were able to take it out of the box and test it in the shop last weekend. It fails to deliver hot water in a consistent manner. In speaking to ProChem, there all sorts of conditions that affect how hot the water will be and duty cycle times, e.g. PSI settings, hose length, run time, putting cold water in the holding tank verses hot water. None of these conditions were explained to us when we contacted ProChem to obtain pre-sales support. We really gained nothing in terms of hot water deliver verses taking hot water directly from the tap. Additionally, we could not test the unit straight away as it came from ProChem with a defective connector. I believe we are a few days past the 30 day mark but I would ask SteamBrite to make an exception. We would have been inside the time limit if the unit was not sent with a defective connector.
    Thank you Anil
    Prochem 2000 watt Heater for Carpet Cleaning Equipment, AX39, Heaters, Parts & Accessories, by Prochem,   PROCHEM HEATER FOR TRUCKMOUNTS AND PORTABLES Item No. AX39   The new HF2000 is automatically controlled up to 220 . Plug in-line wi...

    Answer: The website shows that the unit offers an average of a 20 degree rise up and above what the starting temperature is as well as clarifies that it is only designed to re-heat already hot water rather than heating cold water. If someone is ordering from us, it is not our responsibility to try to talk you out of your decision. If fact in the dealer contract is just the opposite of this as it states we are required to encourage sales. Please re-read the terms and conditions posted on our website at
    Conditions of Use, conditions statement from Steambrite Supply, information about conditions of usage.

    During the checkout procedure you are asked to confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions or you can move forward with the checkout. Prochem does not offer any type of money back guarantee rather only offers store credit after their restocking fee and you would have to have it return to us inside of 30 days.
    I am always surprised why customer select this heater as it cost so much more than other similar 2000 watt heaters. Please note 2000 watts is 2000 watts. One brand heater is not going to work better than another unless is uses and consumes more electricity. At this point, you would not be able to return the heater but do still have the factory warranty covering any parts. Please note that a 20 degree rise is 100% more cleaning effective in water molecule vibration so you statement about zero improvement is not correct. Please read post at Water molecule vibration for cleaning
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