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Etes heater MB120LPC VS MB240LP Bedbug Heater and Restoration driers

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  • Etes heater MB120LPC VS MB240LP Bedbug Heater and Restoration driers

    Etes heater MB120LPC VS MB240LP


    - 1. How many square footage will this treat?

    - 2. What temperature will this heart the area to?

    - 3. How long does it take to heat to the maximum temperature?

    - 4. How quickly do your units ship?

    - 5. Are these units proven effective on Bed Bug Treatments?

    - 6. Can all this equipment be plugged in without using a generator? I wasn’t sure what type of plug the MB120LPC and AC25A GFCI need?


    Please note the two models are the same model with different hookups. The 120 volt unit take two phases of 120 volts to operate. Note 2 phase 120 volt current is available at every job site, home, office in the country. (nothing special) The 240 volt unit take one power cord that you plug into the electric clothes drier plug.
    1. Up to 1000 sq ft but then it takes longer to achieve the desired temperatures.
    2. Outbound air is 20 degree hotter than inbound air. You have to leave it alone to build up the total temperature to the desired 120 degree for 2 hours to kill bedbugs.
    3. Depends on the cubic footage of the room(s). Usually most rooms 2 days. One to build the temperature up, the 2nd to work at the desired temperature.
    4. Most orders arrive in one week. When the factory falls behind on production it can take two weeks in some rare cases.
    5. Yes, contractors use to kill bedbugs and to dry flooded buildings.
    6. Yes, two 120 volt outlets on different phases as long as the are NOT GFCI. Should be standard, NEMA 5-15R non gfci outlets.
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